Relax – with robotic vacuum cleaners from iRobot

iRobot logo and mother with daughter on bed

Keep an eye on the cleaning of your home without having to do it yourself. With iRobot, we can count on a new partner that will give you more free time. 

The integration of the manufacturer for vacuuming and mopping robots means a clean home for you – even when you’re not at home. Each iRobot robot vacuum cleaner has its own qualities: it knows the layout of your home, adapts to your habits, bypasses restricted areas, cleans in a targeted manner, or has special techniques that make short work of dog hair and pollen. You can even pair your robotic vacuum with the robotic mop, so you dont have to mop anymore, either.

Think it can’t get better? Think again!

iRobot Staubsauger auf dem Boden

Include your iRobot in automations – and the house cleaning will take care of itself. 

Our tip: lock the door and turn on the Leaving Home scenario! 

You can set a schedule where you don’t have to worry about how messy your home is when you leave for the day. Just connect your door lock to your robotic vacuum and lighting. 

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