Continuous improvements

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Dear Home Connect Plus community, since our launch in mid-May, we have received over 700 emails and other feedback from you. Along with other partners, you of course want many new or improved features, and we are working full speed to implement that alongside our own ideas. We are happy to continuously provide you with new, smaller releases, below a short list of already implemented improvements:

  • Philips Hue: Improving color rendering and control of third-party lamps
  • Homematic IP
    • New devices: CO2 sensor, fine dust sensor, switching actuator heating system
    • Change: support virtual humidity warning, manual adjustment room temperature only until next switching time
  • Busch-Jaeger: Window contacts and motion detectors are now supported
  • Yeelight
    • Lightstrip is supported
    • improved color rendering for all color lamps
  • Fibaro: dimmer is now supported
  • Home Connect: simplified operation for the Roxxter
  • Bosch Powertools: Display map and current position of the Indego
  • TP-Link/ Kasa: KL430 lightstrip is supported
  • Various partners: improved stability of the connection


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