Workout at home

Keeping yourself fit is not always easy. Home Connect Plus helps you with that: whether twice or five times per week – the app is always there for you and creates the best conditions for your perfect workout:

Smart Sound

Man works out to music from speakers

Fitness is simple: do nothing, get nothing. So it’s great that your smart sound system supports you with your personal “get pumped” songs, so you can give it all you’ve got. A smart plug on your fan also provides even more fresh air.

Perfect indoor climate

Woman does sit-ups while heating turns itself down and skylight opens
If you start sweating during your workout, it shouldn’t be because of your heating system. Because it regulates itself, turning down automatically. At the same time, the skylight automatically opens, supplying you with fresh air. So you can finish that last set of sit-ups.

How-to videos

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