No more cold feet

Being in bed: theres nothing like it. Especially when its still cold everywhere else – and nice and warm under the covers. Forget cold feet and remember to make your life even more comfortable and easy with this amazing function:

Preheated floor

Activate under-floor heating

Who doesnt love perfectly adjusted under-floor heating? With this, youll be happier in the morning with every step you take to the bathroom. And the bathroom itself will be cozily warm. You decide when the heating should turn on, and which temperature you like best.  

Fluffy, warm towels

Preheated towels in the bathroom

Not all towels are the same. If you dont like cold feet, you probably dont want a towel that looks and feels as stiff and rough as a wooden board. You choose whether the first you touch in the morning will be scratchy, or fluffy and warm: decide for yourself when your towels should hang prewarmed and ready for you. 

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