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Hi! We’re RIO.

Home Connect Plus is a service offering from Residential IoT Services GmbH. Were dedicated to a truly smart home. And you can just call us “RIO”. Despite the name, though, we have nothing to do with Copacabana, samba, or caipirinhas. Our headquarters are much more down-to-earth, located in Stuttgarts Feuerbach district. Not exciting enough for you? Well, we also have a very creative location in hip Berlin. 

Fun with smart

Were a dynamic start-up. Since 2019 weve been pursuing the vision of really making peoples everyday lives easier using a wide variety of smart home technologies. Thats why we developed our Home Connect Plus app. Its a smart solution for those who want to get the most out of their smart home. And you dont have to be a computer science expert to set it up. Our app is intuitive, lovingly designed, and quite simply a joy to use. We dont want to reinvent the world – we just want to make it a little bit better.


Best connections

We also firmly believe that the Internet of Things can only develop its full potential when a variety of different systems and devices are compatible with each other. Thats why we bring the things together that belong together. We rely on a strong network of innovative partners. With the help of our app, we ensure that their diverse products work and harmonize perfectly with each other. This creates real added value for users and opens up whole new areas of freedom for them. Unlike some others, we dont believe in closed ecosystems. 


“Like a Bosch”

We are a young team an eclectic, colorful crew of smart home enthusiasts, spread across several international locations. As a 100 percent subsidiary of Robert Bosch GmbH, we also combine the best of both worlds: at RIO, start-up culture meets the concentrated power of a global technology group that is considered a leader in IoT.


Free, but not for nothing

Our Home Connect Plus app is free of charge. Does this mean that our business model is based on data collection? No – we do not sell any information about our users to third parties. We are clearly committed to transparency here: our Home Connect Plus app does collect data on user behavior, but without any identifying personal details. We are interested in which devices are used how, for what purpose, and when. And which functions and interactions are actually used. This data helps us and our partners to further develop products and work on new solutions and automations. This is how we make smart homes even smarter, and smart products even more attractive to more and more people.


RIO: talk to us!

Want to learn more about Residential IoT Services GmbH? Then feel free to contact us. Or visit us at trade fairs, customer events, or partner eventsactivities we all hope will soon be possible again. You can also tell us which partner brands youd like to see added to our network. Or maybe youre interested in joining our team? Just take a look at our job listings were always looking for new talent.

One app for your entire smart home

  • Compatibility: connect devices from over 50 brands
  • Easy to use: intuitive and convenient control
  • Automations: automate devices by certain rules

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